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We are exclusive Agents in India for the World Renowned Precision Quality Hi-Tech Pressfit type Pin Strips progressively manufactured by our Principals, Schmauser Precision GMBH, Germany who needs no introduction to the Textile World. They are not only leaders in the field but by virtue of their Extraordinary Quality, they are today ranked as number one and the Largest Manufacturers of Pressfit Type Pin Strips, most dependable and Heavy Duty Robust Disposable Faller Bars, Feed comb Strips etc.

Besides technically revolutionized quality products, their prices are not only competitive but also attractive and they stand for the highest claims in quality. We are pleased to inform you that we are their Agents since April 2009 and today, we are supplying their Pin Strips to a large number of leading Textile Units in India to their entire satisfaction. We guarantee you about long lasting life and trouble free performance of their Pressfit Type Pin Strips. We also assure you about prompt deliveries and above all, services to your entire satisfaction.

Our Principals Schmauser Precision GMBH Germany are world’s most leading manufacturers of Standard as well as Heavy Duty Biffy Disposable Faller Bars with extra stiffness for all makes and types of Gill Boxes such as NSC GC 12/13/14/15/30, SANT ANDREA, CSN, ST21 etc.etc. and they are the major suppliers to most advanced USA and European market besides India and other leading South East Asian countries and all over the world. Their Biffy Diposable Faller Bars are guaranteed for long lasting life and trouble free working and are very much cost effective resulting in substantial savings. Thus, they are known as money savers. They are most dependable because they are Robust.

We are pleased to inform you that today we are supplying the same to many leading Textile units in India to their great advantage. Why not you too? We welcome you as our valued customers and should you require any further information, technical data, quotation and samples, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Disposable Faller Bars Feed Comb Strips
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Circular Comb and Top Comb Needle Strips for Wool Combing Machines

Needle Strips for Faller Bars

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