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We have pleasure in informing you that we are Exclusive Agents in India for the World Renowned, M/s. Weidmann Whiteley Limited, United Kingdom. We are pleased to give you herebelow a Write-Up on the TEXTILE FINISHING PRESSPAPERS which we believe will be of interest to you.

Flat Pressing with Heated Presspapers is essential if the best traditional finish is to be achieved on top of quality woollen and worsted fabrics.

The nature of the finish products by pressing is governed by four basic factors – pressure, temperature, time and moisture – which need to be complemented by the quality of the Presspapers. There is no substitute for the extended pressing technique with which will ensure a degree of performance and excellence of finish not attainable by alternative pressing methods. Elephantide (Regd.) Pole Glazed and well Calendared Presspapers are a necessary element in the technique and they offer the optimum in value and durability. Whiteley have supplied for all makes of Presses such as
SELLERS, NIKKI, Etc. WHITELEY have been the World’s Leading Suppliers of 100% Cellulose, Pole Glazed Presspapers and Well Calendared Presspapers since the process was first developed. In addition to our Standard Range of Finishing Presspaper, our Fabrication Department also produce and supply Elephantide (Regd.) and Temperature Sensing Presspape (TSP’s).

Whiteley LTD Provides Paper and Boards to a wide range of Industries
Colour Matching Experience

The degree of polish on the surface of the paper which imparts itself onto the surface of the fabric during pressing. The selection of Presspaper depends upon the finish required on the cloth.


Well Glazed Presspapers
Sheet Size To a Maximum – 991mm x 1753mm
Availability 4 Weeks Presspaper Manufacture
Minimum Order 100 Sheets

Our Principals are world's largest Manufacturers specialists and suppliers of PAN PRESS PAPERS FOR CURRENCY PRINTING PRESS.

However, should you require any further information, assistance or samples,  offers etc., please feel free to get in touch with us so as to enable us to be of better and prompt services to you.

Sole Selling Agents in India.

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