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Fundamental belief of S.MOHANLAL GROUP, is that , growth is a way of life, and we have to grow at all times. We call it infectious impatience, and this infectious impatience is inculcated in the entire organization, so things not only get done but get done in double quick time.

We completed our triumphant successful journey of 50 years in the year 2008 and we had celebrated the Golden Jubilee of our Group in a grand way on 8th and 9th Nov. 2008 at Ahmedabad which was wholeheartedly participated by our foreign principals and our overseas and also local customers from all over India including the top brass from the Textile Industry, technicians, commercial managers and celebrities from the Industry, Ahmedabad and the business world. Let us repeat our thanks for their valued support, which is our big strength.

We started in a modest way and our 50 years journey is a saga of constant success, now S. Mohanlal group has become a formidable organization. It is now transformed into a multi-dimensional, multimillion dollar business house, with a major presence, not only in the Indian market but across the globe. With the goal of becoming a top-class trading company specializing in textile machinery, parts and accessories we are in the process of undertaking the expansion of our range of cutting–edge technology products on both the domestic and overseas fronts in the fields of cotton, silk and woolen and worsted textiles.

LOOKING FOR THE NEW TARGETS. (Horizons, Summit, Challenges)
S. Mohanlal is committed to constantly setting higher and higher standards for themselves, and then by doing everything possible to live up to those standards and has thus become a resource to its clients; an advisor, counselor, mentor and friend.

Unprecedented acceleration in socioeconomic changes calls for rise to changes in business models and market structure. In line with our corporate philosophy of always searching for new challenges it is aim of S.MOHANLAL GROUP to provide our customers with the best services with the best in cutting-edge solutions through ongoing innovative and advanced business approach.

In addition, through a process of steady advances in the enforcement of our corporate foundation, financial standing and application of risk management, we are making every effort to realize our group’s strategy of constant growth and to further enhance the value of group’s existence in the corporate world, by corporate governance.

Name of the company
S. Mohanlal Group of Companies.
Registrations & Licenses
Registered companies as per companies act
Brand power
Our products marked “DUROLAST” are unanimous choice of all consumers due to their matchless performance
Importing, Exporting and providing Clients, Spinning, Weaving, Processing, Finishing etc. precision quality products. Specialising in Woollen, Worsted, Synthetic, Cotton and Silk
Management/Principle and
S. Mohanlal has set four priories as it’s management philosophy.
  1. While striving for progress, profit and growth to keep in mind the interest of our clients at the prime.
  2. Always be sincere, innovative and ready to win expectations and trust of it’s customers.
  3. Respect ability, individuality and character of each employee.
  4. Contribute to the community.
We started in 1957, as a small trading co. with strength of 10 employees. From small fry we have emerged as a large and leading recognized Agency House.
Experienced and highly qualified executives.
Net work
We have a nationwide network of Sales Offices/Representatives in all important centers of textiles in India, with our head office at Ahmedabad, the centre of textiles in India. We are situated in the western part of the country, where there is large concentration of textile manufacturers of India. We have excellent rapport with all leading big and small customers at all levels.
Global presence
Principals, Clients and Representatives. (Overseas)
Founder Chairman  

For Mr. Shantilal destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved. He is outstanding in his chosen field. He has reached the top by his own efforts. He has rich experience of 60 years and expertise in the field of textiles. Thanks to extraordinary vision of Mr. S. Mohanlal, coupled with phenomenal compassion, dedication and urge to excel motivate team of our group which has placed us in an enviable position.

S. Mohanlal group with its vision and thrust for advanced technology to march ahead of times emerged to expose new varied avenues and created myriad openings to meet the key challenges and demand of the day. We have the indomitable will and unrelenting commitments in achieving our goals. Our quest for excellence and services to textile industry has paid rich dividends.

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