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We are pleased to inform you that we are representing world renowned Principals M/s. TECNOMECCANICA BIELLESE S.R.L., Italy for Burr-Beaters for Woolen Cards. They are associates of M/s. COPPA BIELLA, makers of Faller Bars.

After lot of research and development our Principals have developed this novel item with upgraded technology and have supplied the same to large number of units all over the world and they have been working both successfully and satisfactorily.

For your ready reference, in a nutshell, we may mention about the product as under:
Burr-Beaters for woolen cards.

Our Burrs beaters can be constructed adequate for THIBEAU CARDS CA 6 AND CA7 and also for Octir and FOR woolen cards.
Same is Produced in working width mm 2500 or mm 3500
This is a very special moment in the market because we know that THIBEAU being sold to Andriz group is not following with interest the production of spare parts for the woolen sector. So at this moment Wool Top makers all around the world are wondering about the difficulty in finding this special critical spare cylinder.

has organized and become the very serious reliable supplier of such a device.
As you know very well the Burr beater is a very special cylinder turning very quickly and adjusted very close to the morrel.
It must be perfectly balanced, the 36 knife embodied in the cylinder must be perfectly straight and hardened in order to remove all vegetables from the wool.
Each woolen card has 3 or 4 Burrs beaters (Chasseurs) and they are normally used after 6 months working.
Each cylinder works 6 month clockwise and other 6 month anti clockwise.
After this double usage it can be grinded reducing approx. one mm on its radius. ( 2 mm on diameter)
After 4 time grinding the diameter becomes too small and the complete cylinder has to be replaced.

It means that the average of duration is maximum 5 years.
If you consider a Top maker working with n. 8 CA6 Thibeau cards, he has minimally 24 cylinders to buy every 5 years.
Probably customer mayl not replace all of them together at same time but every year will have to buy some 5 or 6 units.

The technology to produce this special item is quite complicated and lot of companies have tried to make it but have not been successful.
The knives all around the cylinder must be hard and after some grinding there is the risk the induction hardened is not efficient anymore.
Our type is guaranteeing a long life to the cylinder due to a complete hardening of the whole knife and not only the surface.

We now look forward to your esteemed enquiry. If you require any further technical information offers etc. Please feel free to get in touch with us so as to enable to be of better and prompt services to you.
We are attaching herewith two scanned copies for your ready reference and trust you will find the same interesting.

Burrs beater cylinder for woolen cards, suitable for all major card in the market (THIBEAU CARDS CA 6 AND CA7 – OCTIR DRAGON and FOR CARDS).
We produce it in working width from mm 2500 up to mm 3500.
Dynamically balanced to run up to 1600 rpm.
Flayers are hardned in special nikel crome steel assuring a long life and a perfect result also after re-grinding several time.
Wide cylinder has a conical shape to copy the flection in order to achive a straight surface in the working point against the morel.
We also can supply the spare burrs collector box constructed on sizes according to the existing Machine.

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