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BROOKSBANK needs no introduction to the Textile World. With Precision Quality Material in all Sizes of Combing Aprons BROOKSBANK enjoys unique reputation for Extra Ordinary Quality. This is the reason why NSC and other machine Builders strongly recommend to use BROOKSBANK Products for excellent trouble free performance and above all, optimum life and quality of fiber. Our Principals also supply the same for latest ERA PB 40 Combers.

Combi T Synthetic Combing Apron
Recommended for Combing the following fibres:
Merino, Corriedale and other wool of all microns                      
Wool/Synthetic blends
100% Synthetics
Plus many other fibres  and fibre blends

Developed Specially for use on the latest NSC PB33, ERA and Sant’ Andrea P100 and Millennium machines.
Excellent results are also obtained on all earlier NSC and Sant’ Andrea models of combing machines.

The Complete Range of Products and Sizes

NSC models PB28, PB32, PB33, ERA
Sant’Andrea models PSE 10, P90, P100 and Millennium
SMG Leisnig, Mitsubishi and all other makes of machine

MODEL PB28 TO PB31 PB32 AND 33 PB90 P100
PART NO. 501A305P 501A346X 30736410 33319530

We are pleased to inform you that BROOKSBANK have been supplying Combing Aprons for Finishing Frames since last several years to the advantage of leading textile units all over the World. They specialize in Combing Aprons for NSC-SCHLUMBERGER MACHINES; SANT ANDREA MACHINES; COGNETEX MACHINES etc., They can supply the Combing Aprons in all sizes as per your requirement specifications. To-day Brooksbank market share in India is more than 80%. This speaks volumes about quality.

We shall very much appreciate your Esteemed Enquiries for your requirements in the same, so as to enable our Principals to submit you their most competitive offers to merit the favour of your kind consideration.

We can supply you all requirements of Brooksbank Combing Aprons from our Ready Stock.

Our Brooksbank Combing Aprons are not money savers but also ensures long lasting life and above all Performance to your entire satisfaction.

Besides, your importing the same from our Principals, should you require, we are regularly maintaining stock of Brooksbank Combing Aprons and we can supply you the same right from our ready stocks at not only competitive but also attractive prices. To Know more About Click our Brooksbank Letter And OPERATING SUGGESTIONS
Sole Selling Agents in India.

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