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Since 1968 our above Principals are having the history of continued growth and expansion with constant upgrading of the technology in the field of construction of fibre preparation plants.

Our Principals are constantly evolving technological innovations with their highly qualified, experienced and specialized technical team, to meet the ever increasing  demand and process request from the customers all over the world.

Fibre Preparation Plants
The company, specializes in the planning and construction of machines and complete plants for the preparation of textile fibres for spinning, has, over the years, gained vast experience in all sectors where staple fibres are processed (combing, spinning, production of non woven fabrics, felt, wadding, and waste regeneration plants).

Furthermore it is active in the sector of removal by suction of dust from rooms, machines and fibres with systems of automatic filtering and dust packing.

Our Principals entire plant is automatic and computerized using high tech technology with the result their products are reckoned as number One in the world. Our Principals specialise in the following:

Automatic plants for opening, beating and blending the greasy wool with automatic feeding on to scouring line.
Beating and dusting of scoured wool
Pneumatic transport to automatic storage bins for scoured wool and card feeding
Suction, transport and recycling of bye-products from the carding section
Centralised suction plant for noils and short noils in the combing department
Centralised filter station and air recycling.

Blending, Moistening and automatic feeding plants.
Suction and Recycling of Roller Waste with air cleaners

Blending, moistering and dust suction of rags – automatic feeding to opening machines – re-suction and continuous conveying of waddings from tearing plant.
Centralised dust-suction plants with automatic filtering and air-recycling.

Plants for the suction of droppings, trash and fumes with dust filtering

Pneumatic conveying system – suction and separation of bye products-pneumatic bailing.

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