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Our  DUROLAST BRAND Chains are manufactured in foreign collaboration from completely imported material. There is always a watchful vigilant eye of the Quality Control Department at each stage of production which makes each chain going out of the plant both perfect in quality and workmanship. This ensures long lasting life, high efficiency and trouble free performance. We assure you about extraordinary quality as per reports given by various customers  from within India and also overseas. Life reported by them is  about 9 to 12 months which is almost similar to the life of imported NSC Chains. For imported NSC original
chains you are paying almost more than 2 to 3 times the price of the Chain as supplied by us. It is a matter of pleasure that we are getting regular, repeat orders from our customers throughout India and also abroad, being fully satisfied with the quality. This results in money saving without adversely affecting life, efficiency and above all performance.
May we now look forward to your valued orders to convince  you about the quality we have been claiming for.

Besides Faller Body Chains, we also supply chains for Stenter Machines and Cards as well as various other machines for the Textile Industry. The chains supplied by us are manufactured to the  highest Din and international standards to meet the challenging demands of the Textile Industry.We also supply all types of chains as per your size specifications.

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